George Street Reconstruction

George Street is located two blocks west of Beckwith Street and is integral in the north/south movement of residents and vehicles within the downtown core. The Town of Smiths Falls will be reconstructing a large portion of George Street over the course of 3 to 4 construction seasons, with Phase 1 beginning in May of 2024. Phase 1 includes 220 linear meters of roadway from Strathcona Street to William Street, intersections included. Reconstruction will include the replacement of all municipal infrastructure within the Town’s road allowance, including watermains, sanitary sewers, services to property line, and the addition of new storm sewer infrastructure. The roadway will be upgraded at this time as well, with new concrete curbs and sidewalks constructed on both sides of the roadway in accordance with Ontario’s accessibility standards.

The Request for Tender was posted on March 21st, 2024, and it is anticipated that a Notice of Award will be issued to the successful bidder by Wednesday, April 24th, 2024. Construction is expected to start on or soon after May 20th 2024.

A project of this scale comes with inherent inconveniences to residents as rock removal and excavation activities will result in noise and restricted traffic movement through the site. The Town would like to thank all residents in advance for their patience as we work to complete these important infrastructure upgrades quickly and efficiently.

 Why reconstruct George Street?
 The work planned for George Street is aligned with the Town’s initiative for infrastructure improvements through the expansion of a new storm sewer network, reduction of combined flows in the sanitary sewers , and upgrading of surface features which will be constructed in accordance with Ontario’s accessibility standards. The water and sewer pipes that run beneath George Street have long surpassed their useful life (some of the pipes were installed in the early 20th century) and the surface is deteriorating rapidly. 
 When will construction start? How long will it last?
 Construction on George Street will be commencing on or around May 20th, 2024. The work is expected to take much of the 2024 construction season and wrap up in the fall.
  What can I expect during construction?
 As with any active construction site, you can expect there will be heavy equipment moving around the work zone and occupying much of the street. The work itself will produce noise, as will the construction equipment, however the contractor’s working hours are restricted to ensure they are following the Town’s Noise By-law.
 Will I still be able to park in my driveway or on the street?
 The contractor will be encouraged to maintain access to driveways for as long as reasonably possible, however there will be periods of limited or no vehicular access to individual properties. Residents will be given prior notice before access is restricted to their property and an expected duration of the restricted period. During this time residents are asked to make other parking arrangements, where possible, in support of an expeditious completion of the contract work.
 How will curbside garbage and recycling be handled during construction?
 Curbside waste and recycling pick-ups will generally not change during construction. All property owners will be required to set out materials at the curbside for 7:00 a.m. each morning in order to ensure collection service. The Contractor will round up all curbside materials and take them to a convenient location for collection by the Town’s curbside collection provider. Owners are asked to please label their blue and yellow/black boxes with your civic address number so the Contractor knows how to get them back to you.
 Will there be service interruptions during construction?
 Some temporary interruptions in water and wastewater services will occur throughout construction, however the Town and the Contractor will take all reasonable efforts to keep these impacts to a minimum. Should the contractor require isolation of your municipal services, they will communicate that to affected properties in advance.
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