About the George Street Detailed Design

George Street is a roadway that is located west of Beckwith Street and is integral in the north/south movement of residents and vehicles within the Downtown Core. We are proposing to reconstruct on a section of George Street between Strathcona Street and Gladstone Avenue. 

The proposed reconstruction will include the replacement of existing watermains, sanitary sewers, services to property line, the installation of new storm sewer infrastructure, new roadway including new curbs and sidewalk.

Building capacity at the Waste Water Plant

This proposed detailed design will convey storm water to a treatment unit, and then to the Rideau River outlet on Old Mill Road. By diverting the storm water from the existing combined sewer we will be removing unnecessary water from the Wastewater Treatment Plant and providing additional capacity for new growth. This will also decrease the cost of treatment at the facility by placing stormwater management where it is environmentally managed through a stormceptor.

Key outcomes from the presentation will inform the future design and service level changes that will integrate with the Official Plan, Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Accessibility Plan, and Asset Management Plan.

 Final cross section designs

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