Along the beautiful Rideau Canal, close to the vibrant Downtown Core sits an underutilized commercial and industrial area with the potential of becoming a key waterfront development in the Town of Smiths Falls.

A visioning exercise was completed by Fotenn Planning + Design in January 2023 to help reimagine the area to full future potential.  The project provided the Town with new design concepts and a Design and Visioning Report that will serve as the first step in an overall master planning project.

The Second Phase, being a Fulsome Revitalization Master Plan is current under way. The purpose of this exercise is to advance the findings of the Centre Street Visioning Exercise (2022), into a realistic and implementable Master Plan that will inform and guide the re-development of the subject area over the next 20+ year horizon. The Town retained GSP Group to undertake the project which is expected to be completed in February 2024.

Project Area 
The target area for redevelopment is the block of land bounded by Chambers Street to the north with the southern boundary being the Rideau River. Gile Street being the eastern boundary and 17 Chambers Street being the western boundary. The area is approximately 14 acres.

Overview image of property with buildings, open space and streets

Scope of Work

The Master Plan shall reflect the needs of the community while having mutual benefit to the existing landowners. The Plan will establish land use, development blocks, minimum density targets, building heights, public/private rights-of-way, public realm features, parks and open space connections.

In general terms, the intended purpose of this Plan is to identify both short and long-term strategies and actions that would maximize the potential economic and design-based benefits to the Town and contribute to an enhanced “quality of life” experience for citizens and visitors resulting from the successful implementation of the Centre Street Revitalization Master Plan.

The Master Plan will build upon the analysis, opportunities and constraints map, public engagement feedback and the vision and key themes identified through the Centre Street Design and Visioning Plan (2022) and should specifically include the following:

  • A clear “Vision” and defined “Objectives” based on “Traditional Neighbourhood Design” principles.
  • Specific design strategies, with clearly defined specific timelines for actions for the revitalization of the downtown and waterfront and their accompanying linkages and interfaces.
  • Master Development Concept Plan for the study area that compiles the outcome the Designing and Visioning Report, current plans and reports and subsequent community consultation.
  • An Action Plan that recommends implementation actions for both public sector and private sector actions with a 20-year time horizon.  The Action Plan should include specific public sector (municipal government) action items that are recommended within 2-year, 5-year, 10-year, 15-year, and 20-year time horizons. Action Plans for private sector lands, which recognize landowners needs for economically viable developments, and take into account the reality of the Town’s ability to invest in infrastructure in support of future development. The plan will include indications of investments the Town will be expected to make to realize the economic development possibilities of the Action Plan.
  • A firmly established date as to when the Revitalization Master Plan would be completed and delivered to Town Council.
  • Architectural concept renderings to demonstrate the urban design elements and built form alternatives that could be developed in key locations within the study area.
Project Life Cycle

Public Consultations

Between November and December 2023, the Consultants will meeting with Town Staff, Members of Council, Community Stakeholders as well as engage with the general public to reengage and review design options and seek feedback and insights to develop the final Master Plan, which included a details implementation plan.
  • Nov 15th – Stakeholder Consultations
  • Dec 13th – Public Open house
  • Dec 14th – Stakeholder Second Consultation
  • Online Survey is now available from Dec 14 to Jan 12, 2024 to capture feedback from those who were unable to make the public open house.

Awarding of Contract

Council awarded the contract to GSP Group on October 16, 2023 at the Committee of the Whole meeting.  The cost of the project was awarded at $49,960 + HST.

Request for Proposals

The Town issued an RFP for the Centre Street Revitalization Master Plan in August 2023. Proposal submission deadline was September 8, 2023.

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