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The Town of Smiths Falls held a Public Information Centre (PIC) from May 26th to June 23rd, 2022 to present the study process, existing conditions, alternative solutions and to identify the recommended Technically Preferred Alternative.

The PIC provided the public with an opportunity to learn about the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) study conducted, ask questions and provide feedback.

As per the requirements of the Schedule B MCEA, a Draft Project File Report was maintained throughout the MCEA Study. The study has now concluded and the final Project File Report is now available for a 30-day public review period. 


1 – MCEA Draft Project File Report

2 - Notice of Study Commencement

3 - Confederation Drive Bridge Assessment & Options Report - Keystone Bridge

4 - RFP - Professional Services for the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment for the
Confederation Drive River Crossing

5 - Addendum No. 1 Dated November 2, 2021

6 - Report to Council #2021-172 - MCEA Award for Confederation Brid

7 - Notice of Study Commencement

8 - Problem Opportunity Statement & Alternatives Memo

9 - Confederation Drive River Crossing Project File Report



  • Open

    Confederation Drive River Crossing is currently at this stage

    This consultation is open for contributions.

  • Under Review

    this is an upcoming stage for Confederation Drive River Crossing

    Contributions to this consultation are closed for evaluation and review. The project team will report back on key outcomes.

  • Final report

    this is an upcoming stage for Confederation Drive River Crossing

    The final outcomes of the consultation are documented here. This may include a summary of all contributions collected as well as recommendations for future action.

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