If you have questions regarding attending Court the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General has prepared an extensive website to help answer those questions.

If you have been subpoenaed to court the information on which court you attend, should be on the subpoena. Otherwise the following table provides addresses and phone numbers for our local courts.

Court and numbers
Type of CourtAddressPhone
Criminal Court 43 Drummond St East, Perth 613-267-2021

Provincial Offences Court

80 Gore St East, Perth 613-267-3311

Youth Court

39 Chambers St Plaza, Smiths Falls 613-283-1932

Free Legal Aid

Legal Aid is available for low income residents of Ontario needing assistance for criminal, immigration, or family law matters they can contact Legal Aid Ontario the following way.


Toll free: 1-800-668-8258

TTY (Telephone device for the hearing impaired):

Toll free: 1-866-641-8867

General inquires:

Or you can talk with a Legal Aid Duty Counsel on their court date. Click here to visit the Legal Aid Ontario website for more information on Legal Aid.

Here is a list of phone numbers for various agencies in the Criminal Justice system and links to websites providing information on federal and provincial laws, statues and regulations.

Attorney General Numbers
Attorney GeneralNumbers
Ontario Court of Justice 613-267-2021
General Division 613-267-2021
Civil Filing Office 613-267-2021
Small Claims 613-267-2021
Provincial Division Criminal 613-267-2021
Family 613-267-2021
Enforcement Offices (Sheriff) 613-267-2021
Perth Court House 613-267-2021
Crown Attorney (Perth 43 Drummond E) 613-264-1900
Public Guardian & Trustee 1-800-891-0506
Family Responsibility Office 1-800-267-7263
Assessment Review Board 1-800-263-3237
Probation & Parole (Adult) 613-283-5663
Solicitor General and Correctional Services
Solicitor General and Correctional ServicesNumber
Probation & Parole (Adult) 613-283-5663

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