The Adopt-A-School Program is an integral part of the Smiths Falls Police Service efforts to live up to our motto of “Community First”. The program involves having patrol officers visit their assigned schools on every day shift. This enables officers to have positive interactions and connect with the youth in our community. Often officers can address behaviour issues and areas of concerns before they escalate to criminal activity or serious problems for the school and students.

Other services school resource officers provide include but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing safety information to school children and school staff.
  • Conducting or organizing educational assemblies aimed at drug education.
  • Conducting or organizing educational assemblies aimed at eliminating impaired driving.
  • Addressing the policing needs of attending school children or their families.
  • Addressing issues of violence or harassment in their schools.
  • Participating in Lockdown Drills with the school’s Administration.


Officer at SchoolClassroom Visit

Sgt. King and Constable Gauthier paid St. Francis school a visit! Cst. Gauthier spoke to Madame Jordan's grade 1 class during gym about sports (Officer Jodi knows there's a couple of stingray swimmers in that class!) Sgt. KIng went to Madame King and Madame Jordan's Grade 1 class and spoke to them about summer, water and bike safety! Did you know every one of our officers are deployed to visit their assigned school to interact with students whenever they can on their dayshifts? This is on top of what our Community Services' Officer does. It is a positive way for our students to see police as their friends and can also provide our high school students with guidance and support for healthy choices or if interested in a career in policing.

School Presentation













CSO with cruiser and students

Constable Aaron Tompkins having some fun with students from Duncan J. Schoular Public School. Students received a presentation on, what it is like to be a police officer and ended with a tour of the cruiser!



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