The Town’s Zoning By-law (2022) is the main tool used to put the goals and policies of the Town’s Official Plan into action. The Zoning By-law sorts properties into zoning groups (“zones”). Each zone has land uses that are allowed and controls where a building can be located on a property. Section 4 of the By-law has rules that apply to all land in the Town. Any new development must meet the rules of the Zoning By-law.

Zoning By-law Schedule A1

Zoning By-law Schedule A2

Zoning By-law Schedule A3

Zoning By-law Schedule A4

Zoning By-law Schedule B1 – Natural Heritage Overlay

Zoning By-law Schedule B2 – Source Water Protection Area Overlay

You may also visit our Interactive Map to find the zoning of your property.

Zoning By-law Amendment

The Zoning By-law may be amended to change the rules for a property’s use or allow a planned development. The Zoning By-law Amendment process includes a public meeting that neighbours are invited to.  Town Council decides whether to approve the zoning amendment application.   

If you wish to apply for a Zoning By-law Amendment, you must schedule a pre-consultation meeting with Planning staff. If you are not the owner of the property, you must provide written permission from the owner for you to make the application.

Zoning By-law Amendment Application

The Process – Zoning By-law Amendment


You must meet with Town staff to discuss the proposal before you submit an application. The discussion with staff will identify the documents needed to support the application. Meetings may be held in-person, by Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

A site plan of the planned development must be submitted with a meeting request. Please contact the Planning Clerk at 613-283-4124 extension 1136 or to schedule a meeting.

After the meeting, the Planning Clerk will email you with a checklist of documents needed to support your application.

Review of a Complete Application

Planning staff will review the application to see if it agrees with the checklist sent to you after the pre-consultation meeting. If information is missing, the application may be delayed.

The application is sent to other Town departments and agencies for review and advise if more information is needed. The review looks at the adequacy of water and sewer services, traffic impact, impact on a wetlands and more. 

If more information is needed after department review, Planning staff will work with you directly so you know what needs to be provided. 

Agency and Public Notification and Consultation

A public meeting is scheduled and a notice of the meeting will be prepared by staff when department review is complete. The notice is sent out at least 20 days before the meeting and invites the community to give feedback on the application. The notice is sent directly to neighbours, agencies and staff and is posted to the Town’s website.  

Committee and Public Meeting

The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) hosts the needed public meeting and gives Council advice for approval of Zoning By-law Amendments. The Planning Advisory Committee meets monthly on the second Thursday. Special meetings may be scheduled when necessary.

A summary report for the application is prepared by staff to PAC. The report summarizes the application proposal, feedback received and planning concerns. The report does not include a staff recommendation for the purpose of the public meeting.  The staff report is sent with PAC’s agenda and posted to the Town’s website 3 days before the public meeting.

What can you expect at a public meeting:

  • The Planner will present the staff report and answer any questions when asked by the Chair of the Committee
  • Everyone at the meeting will be allowed to ask questions, state concerns on the application or summarize their support
  • You, or your agent, will have a chance to respond to questions and concerns
  • Committee members will discuss the application, ask questions and state their opinions. The Committee may recommend Council approve or deny an application the same day as the public meeting. The Committee may also defer their recommendation until more information is submitted or if more time is needed to make a recommendation to Council.

If more information is needed, Planning staff will work with you directly so you know what needs to be provided

Council Decision and Appeal Period

Staff will present your application to Committee of the Whole (Council).  The information is given to Council by a staff report that forms part of the Committee of the Whole agenda, which is posted to the Town’s website four days before the meeting. The staff report will include a staff recommendation of whether to approve, deny or defer the application.


If approved, Town Council will pass a by-law to amend the Zoning By-law. A copy of the by-law is sent with a notice to everyone who gave input on the application. The notice must state that eligible parties have 20 days to appeal the decision. If no appeals are received, the decision is final. 

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