Museum Exhibits 

The Smiths Falls Heritage House Museum was built in 1860 - 1861 for Joshua Bates and his family, who were relocating from the nearby town of Athens (formally known as Farmersville). The museum's first floor features restored Victorian period rooms, furnished with artifacts that have been purchased, donated or loaned to the museum. The artifacts in the first floor period rooms reflect the cultural heritage of the town of Smiths Falls, during the 1860's - 1870's time period. This house has two unique architectural features to take note of when touring the first floor. The first is a mirror image facade (the front and the back of the house are identical) and the only two storey privy remaining in Ontario. 

The second level of the museum features changing exhibit rooms and galleries. These spaces are used to highlight the cultural history of Smiths Falls and display art from local artists. Exhibits in these rooms are changing. 

Museum Tours

Visits to the Smiths Falls Heritage House Museum can include either a guided tour with one of the museums knowledgeable staff members or a self guided tour through the museum. Larger groups (10 or more people) are asked to contact the museum ahead of visiting to prepare for your visit. 

Victorian Tour 

Taking visitors through the museum's restored period rooms, museum guides will show you how the Bates and Ward families lived in the 1860's and 1870's. Both families were former residents of the home and were rival mill owners in Smiths Falls. Regular tour admission rates apply. 

Old Slys Outdoor Tour 

The Old Slys Outdoor Tour takes visitors through the grounds of the Smiths Falls Heritage House Museum, leading to the Old Slys rapids, located at beside the museum. During this tour visitors will learn about the geography of the area, the significance of the land and the flora and fauna of the area. 

The tours will be done by appointment only. Old Slys Outdoor Tours will cost $5 for adults, $4.50 for seniors, $4 for youth and free for children ages 6 years old and under.
To register for the tour, purchase your tickets on Eventbrite
For any questions regarding the ground tours, please contact the Heritage House Museum at 613-283-6311 or by emailing us at
*Please note that we do ask participants to wear long pants as there may be some areas with longer grass. Also, we ask that you do dress according to the weather for the day of your tour.
Smiths Falls Ghost Tours 

Tip toe through the candlelit corridors of the Smiths Falls Heritage House as a costumed interpreter leads you through tales of local ghost sightings, oral traditions and mysterious happenings of the Smiths Falls area and the museum. Each story has been discreetly shared by local residents, carefully selected from local news articles or experienced by museum staff and volunteers working in this eerily beautiful 1860's home.

Pre-registration for Ghost Tours is required. Tour costs are $10 per person. To register for the Smiths Falls Ghost Tours, visit Eventbrite
For more information, please contact the museum by phone at 613-283-6311 or by email at


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