The Smiths Falls Police Criminal Investigations Branch was created in January 2006. Since that time, the unit has been actively involved in all major criminal investigations, including homicide, robbery, serious assaults, illegal weapons, sexual assaults, large frauds and drug investigations.

Part of the mandate of the unit is the exchange of information in the criminal intelligence community and other related police agencies. The unit is a member of the Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario (CISO).

The unit is a support service to the Uniform Patrol Branch and assists with criminal investigations.



2023 Crime Severity Index Report

FAQ: What is the crime severity index? Frequently asked questions

Crime severity index and weighted clearance rates, police services in Ontario (













Pictured: Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) Police Liaison CST Aaron Tompkins, MCRT Crisis Worker John Giannitsopoulos and MCRT Police Supervisor/Deputy Chief Jodi Empey  

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RADARMembers of the Smiths Falls Police Service are responsible for enforcing provincial and municipal traffic laws within the town limits. The Smiths Falls Police Service investigates all major traffic accidents and works in conjunction with the Ministry of Transportation to conduct safety inspections on truck and passenger vehicles.

The goal of enforcement is to improve road safety for all and to assist officers in this role, our patrol cars are equipped with several features:

On board video camera system: The video and audio taped camera system are in stalled in all of our front line patrol cruisers. These systems assist officers gather evidence for a wide variety of offences, including aggressive and impaired driving.

Mobile Doppler Radar: These mobile radars are mounted on the front and rear of the patrol cars and enables officers to capture speeds while moving in traffic or in a stationary position. In fact, this versatile unit can record the speeds of vehicles approaching or traveling in the same direction of the patrol car from either ahead or behind.

Hand-held Radar and Laser devices: These mobile and hand-held devices allow officers to conduct stationary monitoring of speed, particularly in areas of concern, such as school zones, busy streets and quiet residential areas.

The Speed Laser from Laser Atlanta is an extremely fast and accurate speed measuring device.

The unit provides readings of target speed in 0.3 seconds at a range up to 7000 feet or 2,133 meters. The unit is also highly precise allowing for targeting of specific vehicles in heavy traffic.

Automatic Licence Plate Reader (ALPR):

In 2021, the Smiths Falls Police Service was pleased to announce the deployment of an Automated Licence Plate Reader (ALPR) system to enhance our public safety and crime prevention efforts. The ALPR system consists of a set of cameras mounted onto a police vehicle. These cameras are designed to scan and read vehicle licence plates when on patrol and compare them to a provincial database. If any irregularities are found the patrol officer is notified, and the officer will then investigate the irregularity. The system can identify vehicles with stolen, misused licence plates; vehicles associated to drivers disqualified under the Criminal Code or drivers suspended under the Highway Traffic Act; vehicles associated to persons wanted on a warrant; vehicles associated to persons involved in serious crimes, such as Human Trafficking; vehicles associated to missing persons and vehicles associated to Amber Alerts. The system has been installed on a marked police cruiser is deployed regularly to frontline patrol. Funding for the system as well as training in identifying and awareness of Human Trafficking was obtained through a successful application to the Provincial Civil Remedies Grant program. The Smiths Falls Police Service operates the ALPR in accordance with guidelines suggested by the Ontario Privacy Commissioner. The collection use and disclosure of any personal information obtained by the ALPR system is done in compliance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Arrive Alive – Operation Lookout

Impaired driving is still a leading cause of deaths and it costs taxpayers billions of dollars annually. Arrive Alive – Operation Lookout is a campaign set up to encourage people to report impaired drivers. The Smiths Falls Police are a part of this great program and signs can be seen posted at each entrance into town.

Click here for more information on Arrive Alive – Operation Lookout.

May of each year marks Canada Road Safety Week, a national campaign to make Canada’s roads the safest in the world. The Smiths Falls Police Service endorses and actively participates in this great initiative.




Smiths Falls Police Service utilize the Strategic Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) as part of our ongoing commitment to improve road safety.

STEP works by having our officers focus enforcement on different areas of concern each month regarding drivers, vehicles and traffic. The subject of enforcement is based on problems identified through collisions, officer observations and citizen concerns.

STEP can be an effective tool in correcting driver errors, addressing unsafe vehicles and improving traffic. Citizens are encouraged to contact our service if they have concerns over specific traffic related issues they would like to see as a focus of STEP.

The ultimate goal of STEP is to make our roads safer for everyone in our community.



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Year Quarter Vehicle Stops Foot Patrol Bike Patrol School Other Calls for Service
2023 October to December 288 83 0 42 55 1840
2023 July to September 344 112 84 15 73 2232
2023 April to June 216 66 24 33 73 2209
2023 January to March 225 64 0 36 36 1810
2022 October to December 233 87 8 21 54 1836
2022 July to September 320 102 44 13 59 2116
2022 April to June 462 124 70 46 83.25 2258
2022 January to March 388 105.1 0 24.68 48.3 1832
2021 October to December 333 121.5 0 38 56 1859
2021 July to September 397 149.5 47.8 8.4 34.5 2223
2021 April to June 494 127.8 22.2 8 29.5 2084
2021 January to March 353 70.6 0 9 28.1 1693
2020 October to December 308 99.2 0 0 53 1937
2020 July to September 276 114.1 0 0 8.4 2137
2020 April to June 319 164.5 7.5 0 19.8 2267
2020 January to March 397 103.1 0 18.1 24.4 1754
2019 October to December 385 127.3 0 32.7 54.3 1807
2019 July to September 416 184.4 9.8 8 42 2285
2019 April to June 525 175.1 0 37.5 85.2 2087
2019 January to March 433 127.5 0 42 104 1903
2018 October to December 394 155 0 49.5 85.5 1759
2018 July to September 570 248 4 20 78.5 2147
2018 April to June 618 250.5 4.5 56 477.5 2151
2018 January to March 498 200 0 54 113.5 1833

*Numbers are in Hours except Vehicle Stops and Calls for Service 

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