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On-line Transaction Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

The Town shall accept donations (via debit card or charge card) on-line for charitable purposes and will enable payment of application fees via debit card or charge card.

All currency shall be in Canadian Dollars

Receipts will be provided at completion of all transactions.

Applications will be processed in accordance with the applicable procedural framework to traditional payment methods and will not be processed if accompanying permit applications and supporting documentation is not provided. Refunds will be provided in accordance with the applicable policy.

Donations will be put toward the identified purpose. Donations are charitable purpose eligible.

The Town is not responsible for any loss associated with any on-line transaction.

Changes to this policy will be posted on the website.


If an error is made by the payee, a full refund will be issued upon request.  Refunds for application fees shall be in accordance with the applicable policy if it so permits.

Privacy Policy

For all electronic payments, personal information is collected for the purpose of processing the transaction and related application (if applicable), recorded for financial record keeping and only disclosed in accordance with requirements of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The Town website does not set client-side cookies.

Log files are compiled for statistical analysis only and no personal information is collected or stored. In the case of on-line financial transactions all data is transferred over a secure connection. Upon completion the transaction record is stored by the municipality and is subject to the same privacy protection afforded to in-office transactions. Credit and debit account information is only retained by our financial providers.