Terms and Conditions


1. Smoking is prohibited and strictly enforced in municipal facilities. The Smoke-Free Ontario Act prohibits

smoking tobacco in all enclosed workplaces and enclosed public places. As well as other designated places

in Ontario, to protect workers and the public from the hazards of second-hand smoke.

2. There will be no consumption of alcoholic beverages in any area of the arena that is not licensed by the

Alcohol and Gaming Commission.


The bar area in the Community Centre Hall will be operated by the Town and made available for adult

hockey groups, private rentals, Junior A Bears Games, special events/requests. Canteen will provide light

bar menu to be ordered upstairs and delivered to your table.

The Town’s policies regarding Alcohol Management along with Alcohol and Gaming Commission

regulations will be followed at all times.

3. All rental fees are payable in advance to the Town of Smiths Falls in order to confirm booking. Interest at

a rate of 1.25% per month will accrue to overdue accounts.

FAILURE TO PAY RENTAL FEE/INVOICE within 30 days shall result in cancellation of this contract

and continuation of season or any further allotment of facility rental until arrears are paid in full.

“NO CANCELLATION POLICY” ‘What you book, is what you pay for, in advance’

4. Hall, Floor, Kitchen facilities are available in both arenas. The permit holder is responsible for any service

providers (caterers etc) including dishes, linens etc. Six foot tables and chairs are provided. Any bar

service will be provided by the Town.

Set up, take down and clean can be provided at the Town at an additional cost of $20/man/hour.

5. Catering is the choice of the permit holder and while any equipment in the kitchen(s) is available for use

the permit holder is responsible that everything remain on site and left in a clean and presentable manner

at the conclusion of the event.

6. Pepsi is the exclusive soft drink supplier for our facilities. No other brand of soft drink may be used by the

permit holder.

7. The permit holder is responsible for any damages to premises, furnishings, other property while the permit

is in effect. The permit holder will pay for any damages or replacement of equipment, furnishings etc

encurred during rental period

8. The permit holder is responsible for the security of personal, team, league or other, belongings on the

premises while renting the facility. (i.e. dressing room, hall, kitchen etc).

The Town of Smiths Falls will not be responsible for personal injury or damage or for the loss

or theft of any article of clothing or equipment while renting the facility.

9. The Community Services Department reserves the right to alter or cancel this

rental application/agreement due to special events, play-offs or unforeseen circumstances,

with reasonable notice to applicant.

10. Organizations utilizing Town of Smiths Falls facilities must comply with the Surcharge Policy

(effects only participants from non-contributing townships/towns) and provide a complete

participant list annually including 911 address of each participant.

11. The permit must be signed and returned to the department prior to facility rental including the applicable

rental fee.