Town of Smiths Falls Fertilizer

Attention Farmers!

Do you know a friend or family member who owns a farm with agricultural operations such as hay fields or corn?  The Town of Smiths Falls is a major  producer of fertilizer pellets and has been actively supporting local farming operations for over 15 years.  Our “MAKE-GRO Fertilizer 3-3-0” product is Federally regulated (Fertilizer Act) and is made from superheated processed sewage at the Water Pollution Control Plant located at 180 Queen Street.

Nutrient rich fertilizer pellets are available for pick up in bulk or in bagged form (600kg super sacks) at a nominal cost per tonne. If you are interested in learning more about this low cost fertilizer solution and how it may help your operations, please contact Ted Joynt, Superintendent of Utilities at 613-284-2220 or by email