Notice of Project Commencement Beckwith Street Redevelopment Plan

Project Description

The Town of Smiths Falls has initiated the Beckwith Street Redevelopment Plan that includes the preparation of a streetscape functional design for the renewal of Beckwith Street in the downtown core. The study area includes Beckwith Street between Elmsley Street and Chambers Street, as well as the first 50 metres of each connecting side street. The renewal of Beckwith Street is a project that implements the vision established in the 2013 Council-approved Downtown Revitalization and Waterfront Integration Plan: that plan provides design guidance for the redevelopment of the downtown core.

The Beckwith Street Redevelopment Plan will address the various demands of the street:

Study Area

Study Result and Timing

The project will result in an approved functional design and streetscape plan for Beckwith Street. It is anticipated that the study will be completed in early 2018. The study will provide construction cost estimates and will inform subsequent Council decisions and funding solutions.

Public Involvement

Various opportunities for public involvement will be provided, and public input will be welcomed throughout the project process.  The process will have regard for the provisions of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process that may apply.

 Public open houses will be held during the project to review and discuss the plan with residents and solicit feedback. Open house notices will be published in local media and on the Town’s website. Information about the project will also be available on the Town’s website.

For further information or to provide comments, please contact”

Troy Dunlop, C.E.T.

Director of Public Works and Utilities,
Town of Smiths Falls
77 Beckwith Street N.

Smiths Falls, ON  K7A 4B8

Tel: 613 283 4124 x3305



Ron Clarke, MCIP, RPP

Vice President, Ottawa

Parsons Inc.

1223 Michael Street, Suite 100

Ottawa, ON  K1J 7T2

Tel: 613 738 4160 x 5226