Chambers and Beckwith Intersection Construction

Chambers and Beckwith Intersection Construction:

On Wednesday this week (August 16th),  Marathon Drilling was able to successfully drill through the bedrock underneath the Stone Arch Bridge to the old outfall opening at the river edge below to place the new 30 inch storm sewer.    This new storm outfall system will otherwise provide service for the future redevelopment of the Downtown Core.   Previous attempts to drill with different equipment were unsuccessful.     Given that the Contractor had to drill just beneath the Town’s main water supply line, it was imperative that the operation was conducted carefully and that the drill was kept on target.    Although we are pleased with the outcome of Wednesday’s drilling, we must report that these unforeseen setbacks have added upwards of three weeks to the construction schedule on Beckwith.   Remaining works will be completed within the roadway by Mid –September.

Separate crews will be starting on shoreline rehabilitation work along the side of Fort Hemlock. This work is necessary to prevent continued erosion of the river bank at the base of the new stairwell.

Should there be any questions concerning the works around Chambers and Beckwith; please do not hesitate to contact our Engineering Department  613-283-4124-1147.