The Town of Smiths Falls has a variety of educational opportunities for your child.

Ontario has publicly funded school systems throughout the province. Elementary schools provide junior kindergarten and kindergarten programs (for children aged 4 and 5) and programs for grades 1 through 8 (for children from 6-13).

Secondary schools offer programs from grade 9 through to grade 12. All children between the ages of six and 18 must attend school.

If you are seeking a school for your child to attend in the Smiths Falls area, there are a variety of options from public to Catholic to private. Contact the local school boards for further information.

Upper Canada District School Board — Public
Phone: 613-342-0371 /1-800-267-7131
Website: Upper Canada District School

Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario
Phone: 613-258-7757/1-800-443-4562
Website: Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario

Le Conseil des ecoles catholiques du Centre-Est
Phone: 613-744-2555/1-888-230-5131
Website: Le Conseil des ecoles catholiques du Centre-Est

Elementary Schools

There are four elementary schools in Smiths Falls. The Smiths Falls area is also home to a private school and French language school.


Chimo Elementary
(Kindergarten to Grade 8, Early French Immersion, Core French and Middle French Immersion)
11 Ross St.
Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A 4V7
Phone: 613-283-1761

Duncan J. Schoular School
(Kindergarten to Grade 8, French Immersion)
41 McGill St.
Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A 3M9
Phone: 613-283-1367




St. Francis de Sales Catholic School
(Grades 4 to 8, Core and Middle French Immersion)
43 Russell St. East
Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A 1G2
Phone: 613-283-6101


St. James the Greater Catholic School
(Kindergarten to Grade 3, French Immersion)
5 Catherine St.
Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A 3Z9
Phone 613-283-1848


Private school

For those seeking a private school education for their children, Calvary Christian Academy is located approximately 10 minutes from Smiths Falls at Franktown. The school has classes in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Phone: 613-283-5089
Website: Calvary Christian Academy

French School

(Kindergarten to Grade 8)

L’école élémentaire catholique Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys is located a few minutes from Smiths Falls in the beautiful historic village of Merrickville and offers a French education from Kindergarten to Grade 8 with a low student/teacher ratio. Our enthusiastic and committed staff is focused on academic, social and spiritual skills, that our students will carry throughout their life. Graduates of Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys acquire the bilingual tools needed to reach their goals.

Phone: 613-521-4213
Website: Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys

Secondary Schools

As with elementary school, those moving to Smiths Falls have various options to choose from in selecting a school for their high school aged children.


Smiths Falls District Collegiate Institute

Smiths Falls District Collegiate Institute (SFDCI) is continuing its long history of academic and athletic excellence in its new modern facility constructed in 2005. The school’s approximately 800 students are offered a wide range of academic courses, as well as an Extended French program. There’s even a photography lab at the school. For those wanting to explore their career options in grade 11 or 12, more than 100 students are involved in the co-operative education program. Through the program, students get on the job experience in their area of interest, whether it be the skilled trades or another college or university-related field. Students with an interest in the culinary arts can also earn career-related credits towards a high school diploma through the Specialist High Skills Major Program in Hospitality. To round out the educational experience at SFDCI, there is a variety of co-curricular sports and clubs.

Address: 299 Percy St.
Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A 5M2
Phone: 613-283-0288



St. Luke Catholic High School (7-12, Alternative Ed.)

St. Luke Catholic High School has several unique programs to suit many kinds of learners. The Grade 7 and 8 foundations program is geared primarily to students with a learning disability so they can reach their full potential. The Grade 9 program is a transition program from Grade 8  to St. Luke’s Grade 10-12 school to work or college program. The Grade 10-12 program features an alternate day co-op program. Students attend a work placement every other day, which is linked directly to their studies here at the school. All of the students benefit from real hands on educational experience which includes but is not limited to: wood shop and construction, welding, small engines, cooking, catering and hospitality, hairdressing and barbering, sewing and a full range of technology to assist students in their learning. The students lead many social justice initiatives, including Third Hand Clothing (check it out on Facebook), a garden project where the school partners with the Salvation Army to provide fresh produce to families in need, a Night on the Street to raise awareness around homelessness, and a partnership with Broadview Nursing Home and Retirement Centre, to name a few.  St. Luke’s students regularly engage in project based learning. Students pick a topic or area they are passionate about and further their learning under the direction of their teachers. There is much more going on and many other exciting projects in the works.

Address: 4 Ross St.
Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A 4L5
Phone: 613-283-4477


St. John Catholic High School

St. John Catholic High School (SJCHS) is a grade 7-12 school.  It is a regional high school that draws students from the surrounding areas around Smiths Falls, Lanark, Westport and Perth.  SJCHS is a state of the art facility that provides students with an optimal learning environment.  The high school has a reputation for putting forth strong academic and extracurricular programs.  The students continue to win numerous university and college scholarships, while the athletic team and arts program continue to capture many county championships and awards.  As well, SJCHS offers a Specialist High Skills Major program focusing on health and wellness.  As a Catholic community, St. John prides itself in working with its parishes to help others who may be in need locally and globally.

Address: 2066 Scotch Line Rd.
Perth, Ontario K7H 3C5
Phone: 613-267-4724


Adult & Continuing Education

Willis College

For the past 116 years, Willis College has been involved internationally.  Willis has formed a partnership with a Chinese college and universities to develop and deliver joint venture educational programs that are fully recognized by Canada and China.  The college is also working to develop and deliver similar programs with several countries in the Middle East, as well as former Eastern Bloc countries such as Romania.

As well, Willis College provides educational services to foreign students at its Ontario campuses in Smiths Falls and Ottawa. Should foreign students lack English language proficiency, Willis has an excellent working relationship with a national leader in ESL studies.

Here is a website link to Willis’ international section.

Should you need any additional details on the programs offered by the Smiths Falls campus, contact information is as follows:

25 William Street, West
Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A 1N2
Tel. 613-283-1905
Website: Willis College

T.R. Leger School of Adult Alternative & Continuing Education

T.R. Leger School of Adult, Alternative & Continuing Education is part of the Upper Canada District School Board.  It offers flexible scheduling and programming for adolescents and adults of all ages at their comfortable and accessible location, 10 Ontario Street, Smiths Falls. Phone 613 283-5418 / fax 613 283-5224

At T.R. Leger learners can:

10 Ontario Street
Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A 4K7
Phone: 613-283-5418
Website: T.R. Leger School