The Town of Smiths Falls is excited to announce that we will be implementing internet and telephone voting for the 2018 municipal election! Internet and telephone voting will allow Smiths Falls residents and property owners to cast a vote from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and/or access to a telephone.

A computer will be made available at the town hall for those who do not have access to the internet and a poll will also be opened at the Town Hall to allow voters to cast a paper ballot.


Important Documents and Information:

8998-2017 Election Signage Policy

By-law 8993-2017_ By-law to Provide to Undertake the 2018 Municipal Election through the Use of the Alternative Voting Method Internet _Telephone

By-law 8996-2017 Lame Duck

By-law 8997-2017 _Municipal Employee Involvement

By-law 8999-2017 Election Related Reources Policy

Notice of Nomination Final Ad _Printed December 7th