Land for Sale and Lease

The Town of Smiths Falls endeavors to keep the most up-to-date Commercial listing for the town and surrounding area. However, with the changing nature of properties, land building available, we will not be responsible for inaccurate/incomplete data. If you are have information to be added or changed, please check your listing(s) for accuracy and send all information to

Council reserves the right to accept or reject any purchase offer(s) of land from the potential buyer(s), if in so doing the best interests of the Corporation will be served.  No liability shall accrue to the Corporation for its decision in this regard.  Any purchase offer will not necessarily be accepted.  The following criteria may be used by Council to award the land sale contract:

1) bid price;

2) type of business/intended use of the building and/or property;

3) local economic impact and potential employment opportunities that are expected to be created;

5) financial ability of the company to execute the sale of land and implement the business;

6) timelines to launch the business;

We thank you for your assistance and cooperation!!

For more information on available land for sale and lease please contact:

Jennifer Miller, Economic Development and Tourism Manager
613-283-4124 ext 1107

Properties for Sale and Lease
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Vacant Commercial Development Land

A 3.39 acre parcel of vacant and owned by the Town of Smiths Falls available for development. The site is a commercial lot at the northeast corner of the intersection of Abbott Street South and Ferrara Drive. Abbott Street forms the boundary between the commercial uses to the west along Lombard and the residential uses further to the east. Ferrara Drive is a busy artery that provides access from the Lombard Street strip to other areas of the Town to the east and
south which are predominantly residential.

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