Key Industries

Advanced Manufacturing

Smiths Falls has hosted a number of global manufacturers in its history and offers world class facilities that are ideal for advanced manufacturing companies that are starting or expanding. The strategic location of the Town makes it attractive to businesses, as its proximity to 400 series highways allows for proper access. The Town is close to the US border and only an hour’s from the Ottawa market, making it quite appealing to industries.

Why Smiths Falls?

Food Processing

Smiths Falls has throughout the years become a major food processing centre. Located in the centre of Eastern Ontario’s agricultural heartland, good shipping access to and from Smiths Falls, whether by train, car, or air, makes it an attractive location. Smiths Falls offers several world class facilities that are ideal for anyone interested in investing and relocating to the community. Given the recent history of food processing in the Town, investors will find a skilled workforce that is experienced in this particular industry.

Why Smiths Falls?


In 2014 Canada’s largest medicinal marijuana industry Tweed Inc. opened in Smiths Falls. The Town is looking to become an industry cluster by expanding its pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. The Town offers good industrial property located in a prime location, close to Ottawa, Kingston, and a variety of established trade routes.

Why Smiths Falls?


The Town of Smiths Falls is rich in history and has become an important tourist destination, largely thanks to the presence of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Rideau Canal. Visitors may see several locks in Smiths Falls and can also visit the Rideau Canal Interpretation Centre. In addition, the Town boasts two other museums: the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario and Heritage House. The presence of a canal that runs from Kingston to Ottawa, good access by road and train, and of a historic building stock make Smiths Falls an ideal place for recreational and heritage tourism.

Why Smiths Falls?

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