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Zoning Bylaw Amendment

The Town of Smiths Falls is considering an amendment to Section 4.19 (Objects Stored in Yard), of the Zoning Bylaw.  The section of the Bylaw currently under consideration reads as follows:


4.19 Objects Stored in Yards

2. In any Residential Zone:

4. No person shall use any lot for the purpose of outside parking or storage of a recreational vehicle, except as permitted below:

1. one boat which shall not exceed 8.5 m in length;

2. one tourist vehicle which shall not exceed 8.5 m in length;

3. two snowmobiles;

4. one tourist trailer which shall not exceed 8.5 m in length, exclusive of hitch or tongue.

In implementation this means that a property owner can park up to five vehicles in any interior side yard or rear yard without setback from the property line.  Vehicles must be on a stable surface (ie. not grass) and properties must still comply with zoning bylaw requirements for 30% landscaped open space.


5. Where a recreational vehicle is parked in any yard on a lot, such vehicle shall not be used for living or sleeping accommodation for longer than 30 consecutive days by any person in transit between one place and another; but in no event shall such living or sleeping accommodation be leased or rented.

In implementation this means that a recreational vehicle can be used for 30 days for accommodation, moved for a day, and then brought back to the site for another 30 days. 


 6.  The parking or outside storage of a recreational vehicle may be permitted for a period of not more than 72 hours in any one calendar month in a front or exterior side yard.

In implementation this means that a vehicle can be temporarily located in the front or exterior side yard (ie. a corner lot) for not more than 72 consecutive hours per month.


Before any changes to the Bylaw can be considered in full, it is crucial that the municipality 

receives feedback from the community.  As such, staff have developed this short questionnaire to address some of the specific changes proposed. 

Please take five minutes to fill out this fast multiple choice questionnaire.


This survey will close on Dec. 1, 2014

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