The Smiths Falls Fire Department provides realistic and effective fire protection and public safety services to the Town of Smiths Falls and two other neighbouring townships.

Fire Department

The fire department operates from one fire station located strategically in the centre of the town. It is equipped with a full complement of modern, up-to-date vehicles and equipment.

The Smiths Falls Fire Department consists of one career chief, one career lieutenant – fire prevention, one career lieutenant – logistics, four career firefighters and 18 volunteer firefighters.

The fire department responds to all types of emergencies, including fire alarms, structural, vehicle and chimney fires, medical assist, ice and water rescue, hazardous material incidents and motor vehicle accidents.

Other very important functions of the fire services department is fire prevention, inspection and public education programs. This involves the inspection of all types of public and private buildings and structures to ensure compliance with fire code regulations and assist with fire drills and fire safety training.

The Smiths Falls Fire Department also operates the fire dispatch center, which handles 9-1-1 and other emergency calls for all fire departments within Lanark County.

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention





Fire Dispatching

Fire Dispatch Centre


Smiths Falls Fire Department Annual Report 2014

Smiths Falls Fire Department Annual Report 2015

Smiths Falls Fire Department Annual Report 2016

CO-Fire Alarm Permit By-Law

Smoke and CO Alarm By-Law & Permit Application Form

8792-2015 Open Air By-law

Open Air & Outdoor fireplace Application Permit Form

Address: 77 Beckwith St. North, Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A 2B8
Non-emergency phone number: 613-283-5869
Fax: 613-283-4764

For information on the Fire Marshal’s office please visit this website: