2018 Municipal Election Official List of Candidates

Notice of Election

Candidate Contact Information Email Listing


Joe Gallipeau

Shawn Pankow


Wendy Alford

Lorraine Allen

Jay Brennan

Dennis Buckley

Louis Daigle

Niki Dwyer

Sheldon Giff

John Maloney

Ken Manwell

Christopher McGuire

Peter McKenna

Dawn Quinn

Perry Weagle

SCHOOL BOARD (Unofficial)

French Separate  Edwil Fleury

Anouk Tremblay

French Public  Colette Stitt
English Public  Susan Richards

Jamie Schoular

Susan Dunfield

English Separate Robin Reil

Information Session for Municipal Election Candidates

18-06-14 Election Information Sessions


The Town of Smiths Falls is excited to announce that we will be implementing internet and telephone voting for the 2018 municipal election! Internet and telephone voting will allow Smiths Falls residents and property owners to cast a vote from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and/or access to a telephone.

A computer will be made available at the town hall for those who do not have access to the internet and a poll will also be opened at the Town Hall to allow voters to cast a paper ballot.

Notice of Voters List
Notice of Public Information Session_Intelivote

Important Documents and Information:

8998-2017 Election Signage Policy

By-law 8993-2017_ By-law to Provide to Undertake the 2018 Municipal Election through the Use of the Alternative Voting Method Internet _Telephone

By-law 8996-2017 Lame Duck

By-law 8997-2017 _Municipal Employee Involvement

By-law 8999-2017 Election Related Reources Policy

Notice of Nomination Final Ad _Printed December 7th

Public Information Session

 A public information session will be held for the purpose of explaining the method of voting and responding to questions from the electorate.  The date and time will be advertised in a local newspaper and on social media and the municipal website.

The Clerk may coordinate the public information session, notices and advertisements with other municipal clerks of local municipalities who have adopted a similar alternative voting method.

Are you on the Voter’s List??

The voters’ list is a list of eligible electors in the Town of Smiths Falls. During non-election years the Town does not maintain a voters’ list.

During an election cycle, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for preparing the preliminary list of electors for each municipality and school board in Ontario. It is MPAC’s Municipal Property Assessment database of both property owners and tenants that is used to prepare this preliminary list, which aids in the preparation of the final voters’ list for Election Day.

From now until end of July voters may log into MPAC’s online web tool VoterLookup.ca to check their voter eligibility.

Voterlookup.ca lets you:

If you are interested in checking your information with MPAC we encourage you to contact them directly.

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.