Business Assistance

The Department of Economic Development

The town of Smiths Falls is committed to supporting the growth needs of existing businesses and assisting potential business investors with new initiatives. The proximity of Smiths Falls to larger centres, such as Ottawa and Kingston, and good transportation linkages make it an attractive, strategic location for business owners.

Starting a business in Smiths Falls provides some financial advantages, as there are no development fees, and water hookup fees are low. Moreover, downtown businesses may benefit from the Town’s Community Improvement Plan (CIP), which provides property owners and tenants with financial incentives to invest in their business. Programs under the CIP include tax-based increment grants, matching grants for interior and exterior property improvements, and reductions in planning and permit fees.

Aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to establish a business in Smiths Falls will also find a good quality of life with a variety of services and amenities, a well-planned infrastructure, and a highly skilled labour force.

The Town of Smiths Falls Department of Economic Development is pleased to offer its assistance and expertise to prospective or existing businesses.